Basmati Pilau Rice

The perfect accompaniment for any Indian Curry Dish or to use to create the classic Biryani  Rice dish.  This pack comes with 200g of Tilda Basmati Rice, (the most expensive but finest rice in the world) and a special Indian Pilau spice mix produced by us to create the perfect aromatic addition to your Indian experience


Tilda Basmati rice, Pilau Spice mix, Salt

                                                                                                                                      Aromatic Indian Pilau Rice


     Take the bag of Cop Cuisine Pilau rice, snip the bottom corner of the rice compartment and
     empty the contents into a small saucepan

     Add fresh cold water until the rice is well covered and leave to stand for 30 minutes

     Stir the rice and observe the milky water created by the rice starch, empty this
     and repeatedly rinse with fresh water until water is clear
     Add 8 floz of boiling water to the pan'
     Along with the contents of the Pilau spice compartment,
     place on a tight fitting lid and bring back to the boil on a cooker hob

Once boiling, turn the heat to a minimum and leave for 12 minutes (DO NOT REMOVE THE LID)

     After 12 minutes remove from the heat and allow to stand for 10 minutes (DO NOT REMOVE THE LID)

     Fork-through and serve
     Once tasted you'll never settle for any other rice

Buy 1 x Basmati Pilau Rice               

Cost    £1.50