A delicious buttery, tomato sauce, infused with cinnamon and blended with spiced natural yoghurt


Tomatoes, butter, natural yoghurt, single cream, spices, garlic, root ginger, tomato puree, vegetable oil, lemon juice, salt

                                                                                           Makhani Machchi (Fish in a Spicy Butter Sauce)



Add the contents of a Jar of Cop Cuisine Makhani sauce to a small saucepan and bring to a
     gentle simmer.

     Take 4 fillets of fresh white fish (Cod or Pollock are ideal), wash in fresh water and pat dry.

     Place the fish in the base of a large pan in a single layer and add fresh milk until the fish is just

     Add a bay leaf and a little grated Nutmeg (optional) and simmer the fish gently until
     the flakes of the flesh are just opaque.

     Remove from the heat, drain and discard the cooking liquor (do not disturb the fish or it may break up)

     Gently plate the fish serve on a bed of plain Basmati Rice (follow the Cop Cuisine recipe for the

     Aromatic Indian Pilau Rice but do not add the spice mix), ladle Makhani sauce over the fish and

     accompany with freshly steamed green beans and baby sweetcorn

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